Monday, February 17, 2014

Prague Event Photography: Year of the Panda

There’s probably not a Year of the Panda in the Chinese calendar, but maybe there should be.  A panda is much more lovable than a rat or a snake.  Plus, a rat passing out toys and Chinese gifts on the streets of Prague would probably have a tough day of it to say the least.

On a warm day last summer in Prague, a promotional organization from China held a gala event to promote tourism and business travel between Czech Republic and China.  I covered the photography for the outdoor event while my partner-in-photography (and lovely wife) covered the convention setup over in Žofín Palace.

The day began with some costumed actors passing out Chinese gifts to passersby in the Prague Old Town Square.  While you might see hordes of tourists standing about gawping at the Astrological Clock or touts peddling their weary wares, a 6 foot tall panda and an elegant woman in traditional Chinese dance theater costume might seem a bit out of place.  But the international crowd warmed to them and was happy to enjoy their exotic show.

Eventually, the hot and tired actor shed his panda costume while the Chinese dancer handed him her fan to cool off. We then packed up to head over to catch the main event at Palác Žofín.

In addition to the usual event speeches and presentations, there were various cultural exhibits from China, including calligraphy and paper cutting.

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