Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ultimate Laziness, Theft and Snakery In The Grass

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to posting on this blog.  I'll admit it, I'm one of those photographers whose real joy ends after I capture the images and present them to my happy clients.  After that, all this bloggery, web mastery, and cyber-tom-foolery is just a menial waste of my time.  I hate the very non-creative chores required to market and get my message out.  Let's just say I'm 80% creative, 20% businessman.  That's why you've never heard of me.  ;)  I have several blogs to maintain and a few websites to boot.  I've been shooting a low-to-average amount in Berlin and Prague recently.  One day I'll post more of my shoots.

But when I find out that someone has been stealing my old blog posts and posting them on THEIR photography website, well, that there is the ultimate laziness.  I know, nobody can write a photo blog as good as me and everyone wants a piece of my juicy words (heh), but REALLY?  Stealing my words?

Shame on you, George Troup Photography, you snake in the grass you.  Give me satisfaction, or money, you plagiarist fiend!

Here's my original post, plus a comment with a link to this sad sack o' dookie: