Friday, March 26, 2010

Choosing a Wedding Coordinator in Prague

I have worked with many wedding coordinators in Prague and I feel confident in recommending Thelma and Monika of Prague Wedding Planners. They are the most professional, courteous, friendly and fun wedding coordinators I have worked with over the past 10 years in Prague.  They have a genuine passion for what they do and they will go well beyond the call of duty to ensure you have a perfect wedding day.

When you are planning your wedding in Prague, many factors need to be considered.

Where to get married?

Do you have a dream of getting married in a lavish Gothic castle in the Czech countryside?  The famous Czech castle Karlstejn is the perfect fairy tale dream castle wedding, and as such, is very popular and quite difficult to arrange for weddings.  But Prague Wedding Planners can hook you up.  They organize many weddings in Karlstejn and other beautiful Czech castles and they know what they are doing.  They are also the best choice for the most popular Prague wedding sites like the Old Town Hall.

Karlstejn Castle

A Civil Service or a Church wedding?

As a foreigner getting married in Prague, there is often a lot of red tape and bureaucracy for you to work through.  Prague Wedding Planners take on all of this for you and they deal with the mundane details of forms and paperwork so you can concentrate on the most important part of your wedding day:  having fun!

Wedding Photography

Well, as a wedding photographer, obviously I'm a little biased on this point.  These days it is common to choose a wedding coordinator and a wedding photographer separately.  Most of my clients have told me that wedding photography is one of the most important parts of the wedding day.  And so they wanted to see a full website of photography from the best Prague photographers.  It is quite acceptable to hire a quality wedding coordinator to help you plan the most important day of your life and then choose your own photographer. I feel confident in recommending Thelma and Monika to plan your dream wedding in the Czech Republic. They are tops!

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