Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lux Forum Part Deux: Talking Nukes in Prague

Last December I covered a major event in Prague: The Round Table of the International Luxembourg Forum "Perspectives for Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation".  While this title is quite a mouthful (and probably in need of a clever acronym of some sort), I simply call it the Lux Forum for brevity. The first time I covered the Lux Forum—which meets annually—was in Berlin a few years ago.  The forum meets yearly in different cities in Europe to discuss the nuclear threat on a global scale, or as I referred to it the first time I photographed the Forum in Berlin, ‘Keeping the Nukes Out of the Hands of the Real Bastards.’

Russian, American, Israeli—and a host of other global experts and prominent public figures—got together to discuss the current state of nuclear arms and the nations which possess them.  Each year, the forum members draft documents and declarations which will be distributed to top tier politicians around the world.

Many of the familiar faces from the last Forum I covered were present in Prague.  While I confess that I don’t follow nuclear news that closely (because it would probably twist my stomach), I immediately recognized the name of one of the new additions to the Forum this year:  Hans Blix, the famous UN weapons inspector who reported the state of Iraq’s WMD load to be nil.  The rest is history, as George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq anyway and ramp up the invasion of the Middle East, as cowboy Presidents are wont to do.

I was relieved to see that Mr. Blix had survived a fictitious visit to former North Korean Dictator-and-puppet Kim Jong IL—and his nasty shark tank (Team America: World Police).

For more pictures of my event coverage in Prague, please see the slideshow at the official site of the Luxembourg Forum.

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