Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Your Portrait Photographer in Prague


by Craig Robinson

Prague portrait and wedding photographer

A growing trend in recent years is the increase in destination weddings and portraits in exotic locations. Many websites are springing up all over the world offering exotic destinations for weddings and portraits. Among the most popular of these destinations is Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is no stranger to visitors in the last decade; since the fall of communism in the Eastern Bloc countries in the late 1980s, many previously-forbidden cities are now flooded with eager visitors.

Millions of visitors have discovered the fantastic beauty of Prague; and the city's beauty almost seems to be in arrested development compared to the rest of Europe. In a single evening stroll in Prague you can time travel the architecture from the early Gothic period (12th century) through the Art Nouveau (circa 1900). Outer Prague is showing signs of Western modernization with its malls and megaplex cinemas, but the heart of Prague is virtually untouched by the ravages of time.

Many people are discovering that Prague makes a perfect destination for exotic portraits and romantic weddings. Some people get married in Prague while others get married elsewhere and opt to have their wedding portraits taken with beautiful Prague as a backdrop.