Friday, August 20, 2010

My Working Method: Fun!

The way a photographer works with you is as important as the quality of the photographs themselves.  I strive to make your photo shoot fun!  I am easy-going, flexible and professional.  I do not pose you in awkward, uncomfortable poses for hours.  Instead, I arrange scenes of beauty and harmony which allow you to relax and enjoy your photography.  I use a light touch when suggesting the best poses for portraits and I’m open to any suggestions you have.  Did you see a great shot in a magazine and you want to duplicate that?  No problem.  Are you new in town and have absolutely no idea where to get the best shots?  You can trust me to take you to the best locations and give you the best results you can imagine.

There are many things in my camera bag besides the gear.   Sensitivity:  a photographer needs to be sensitive to the client’s needs and wishes.  Humor:  a good sense of humor is a must; how else do you get natural smiles?  Experience:  the newest camera in town cannot beat a good eye and seasoned professional training.  I don’t buy a new camera every six months because it is a waste of money.  Camera technology is leveling off and more mega pixels won’t give you a better shot.  It’s the eye behind the camera itself.  But you can rest assured that I have all the tools necessary to get the job done and I upgrade my gear yearly.

On your wedding day I am unobtrusive and capture each moment of your special day with out getting in your way.  During your portrait shoot you will have fun and the time will fly faster than you can imagine.  I strive to make the best pictures you have ever seen and I want you to enjoy the process.  During the shoot I always ask if my clients are having fun.

And the answer is always an enthusiastic “YES!!!”

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